Welcome to our forgotten history!

Within these pages some of our forgotten religious and scientific history is revealed.

I’m David O’Neil, and when I was a child my mother ran away to a fundamentalist Catholic cult with my sisters and me. The adventure profoundly affected my life, and subconsciously pushed me to study the roots of Western religion.

Thanks to those investigations a long-lost comprehension of our early searchers has been rediscovered. A bright new light has been placed on the roots of both modern religion and modern science!

Laughing at the Devil book cover (click to purchase)We know our ancestors became aware of the sun’s path through the zodiac between 1300 to 500 BC, but we haven’t understood all the thoughts behind that discovery until now. Some of those forgotten ideas are revealed in the blog. My book, Laughing at the Devil: One Man’s Religious Discoveries illuminates everything I’ve found out about our early heritage.

Whether you’ve wondered how the seven days of our week came into existence, or why the biblical Samson tale is riddled with mythical elements, you are certain to learn something new in LATD.

Other topics include when the ‘Golden Age’ prevailed, and what Nibiru – a Babylonian entity many now think is a planet set to destroy Earth – really was. A deeper understanding of the Jesus story is also presented.

Those early astronomic studies and religious endeavors were attempts to improve the world. These new understandings will be helpful as we continue that ancient and noble tradition. Let us begin!