An Overview

If this is your first time here, Welcome! I’m David, and the following blog entries shine a new light on our religious and scientific history three thousand years ago. You will understand the basis of today’s thinking much better after reading them! The best order to follow is:

My Cult Experience – An overview of what happened when my mom ran away with my sisters and me to a fundamentalist Catholic cult.

Growing Up – Shares the changes that occurred after my cult experience.

The Samson Story: An Intellectual Journey – Illuminates the groundbreaking discoveries I’ve made about the biblical Samson tale that shine a new light on our ancestors’ quest to understand God.

I hope you enjoy the journey!

Relevant Or Irrelevant

I’m happy to say the 6th edition of Laughing at the Devil is complete, and available! This version presents the greater historic picture our scholars have discovered about our early Israelites, when their priests were watching the events recorded in the biblical Samson story.

A few weeks before completion I was privileged to share my work with the Relevant Or Irrelevant radio show. It was a great experience, and I had a lot of fun! Here is the radio program:

And here is the extra interview portion they only make available online:

The Biblical Samson: An Intellectual Journey

As I grew up I had to think deeply about religion and what I believed, because of Mom and Grandma’s blackmail. They both implied they would only fully love me if I returned to their faith. At one point Mom even said if I didn’t give the $10,000 the courts ultimately awarded each of us back to the cult, she would disinherit me. I kept it, and bought a computer.

I felt like the black sheep of my family, just because I couldn’t lie and say something I didn’t believe in. And yet I loved both of them. The situation sucked, so I did the best I could and held on to superficial relationships without depth. Continue reading “The Biblical Samson: An Intellectual Journey”

Growing Up

When Dad first got us back from the cult (as I wrote about in the previous entry), I believed he was Satan’s son. Mom, Grandma, and the cult members were convincing in their indoctrination, which made interactions with him awkward.

As Francie mentioned in her blog, the cult said Mom could live with Dad as ‘brother and sister’ in order to be near us, and keep us indoctrinated. During that time Mom and Grandma gave us scapulars and other items to keep us on the path to salvation. We hid some of those around Dad, in order to try to miraculously convert him. Of course he found them, leading to fights, as did Mom’s insistence on praying with us and taking us to cult outings. Continue reading “Growing Up”

My Cult Experience

When I was a child my mom ran away with my sisters and me, and took us to a fundamentalist Catholic cult. My aunt Francie was there before us, and published some of her adventures online. Her writing is clear and poignant, after overlooking the use of Comic Sans. In Trouble A-Plenty With A Mix of Fun, she brings me into the story.

Those were interesting times.

Before then, I believe my childhood was normal. Lackadaisical days down at the creek, watching the water-skeeters skit, bobbing along without a care until my rocks sent them scurrying. Continue reading “My Cult Experience”